16 Best Cocktail & Dessert Recipes for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

16 Best Cocktail & Dessert Recipes for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is upon us.

It’s the love-iest holiday (slight chance I may have made up that word). Do you embrace the holiday and enjoy going all-out with a grand gesture of love each year?

Or are you a true Valentine’s Day hater who tells anyone with ears how Val-day is nothing more than a corporately-designed, money-making, capitalistic-feeding holiday?

Either way, you have to admit, it’s a fun excuse to date the one you love. Or get together with your girls or guys and eat delicious food. (Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is actually about anyway?)

Whether you’re the type to make reservations at a fancy restaurant or spend the whole night snuggling in your jammies eating takeout or homemade food, our favorite way to finish any date night is coming home to make a delicious dessert and cocktails together.

Here are some of our favorite cocktails and desserts for you and your honey (or you and your besties) to make together on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day cocktails


Valentine’s Day desserts


Shall we dine-in tonight?

No fancy reservations or takeout plans for the big night? Here are a few of our favorite dinner ideas if you’re a date-night-in, cook-together type of person.

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